Hesitant about doing a Boudoir session? I clear up the top concerns I hear from women - video chat

When I talk to women about doing a boudoir session I hear “Oh I could never do that I’m too old!” or “If only I lost 10lbs” or “I am so nervous!” within every conversation. And yes, those are real concerns, but I don’t think they should stop women from exploring a boudoir session and see what it’s all about for themselves. Maybe those concerns are just excuses holding you back?

With the right photographer, planning, outfits, lighting and poses many of these concerns can be addressed and put aside so that you can let yourself be excited, have fun and above all feel good about yourself.

In this short video I address, and bust through, the top concerns that I hear from women when talking about finally getting up the nerve to book that session that they would love to try, but feel hesitant…

If you have a hesitation that I didn’t address I’d love to hear from you and see if we can address it and get you closer to designing your very own shoot with me!

If you are finally ready to put aside these hesitations and finally see yourself in a new light and allow yourself to look/feel beautiful through a confidence-boosting boudoir shoot then what are you waiting for? Contact me today and let’s chat about your shoot!