Hi Beautiful!

I'm Michelle and I'd love to create a portrait for you that you can feel proud of. I specialize in photographing women and I believe having a gorgeous portrait of yourself is transformative. The experience will leave you feeling empowered about your own beauty.  

I’m a photographer and Beauty Mix advocate on a mission to empower women to FEEL their beauty so that it exudes into portraits and everyday life! I capture the confidence that SHOWS UP when women claim the inner and outer qualities that make them beautifully unique.. It is so powerful!

This is what I like to call your Beauty Mix...

Whether it's through a boudoir session to experience your own unique sexy, a Little Black Dress session to celebrate who you are at this point in your life, or a lifestyle shoot to capture your personality for your brand, I'm here to help you create it. I would love to create it for you!

I love proving women wrong when they say they don't photograph well. Nothing makes me happier than when I turn the camera around to show a client how amazing she looks. Not only do they get to see themselves in a different light, but they end up with beautiful images that they proudly display on their website, give as a gift to a loved one, or to simply hang in their home so they can admire their own beauty.

want to know more about me? Here's a fun video I did for a blog challenge called "10 things about me"

I invite you to a portrait experience with me. it will change the way you look at yourself.

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The process...

We will start with a consultation to begin to design your very own shoot that represents your unique beauty. This will reflect all the wonderful internal and external qualities about you that make you beautiful. Once you know this it will be so much easier to show up to your shoot with confidence and allow yourself to have fun. It's my job to capture that beautiful light that is reflected back to me. That's when the magic happens and a beautiful portrait develops before our eyes.

Next is getting your wardrobe and hair and makeup together. This is the fun part! Start by downloading my dream shoot planner to start designing your very own shoot..

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I started as a wedding photographer in California and then NYC. I loved being an integral part of a very special day and create memories that last a life time, while having a blast at these fun weddings.. 

But, my first love has always been photographing people and after a few of my brides asked me to photograph them for a boudoir session I couldn't pass up the opportunity to create beautiful portraits for them. I quickly realized that a boudoir session is more than a portrait session. the women and I were having so much fun while creating a safe space for them to feel beautiful in their own skin.



Questions? get in touch with me. I'd love to hear from you...

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