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photo shoots

empowerment photo shoots

An Experience That Will Forever Change Your Self-Image

  • This session is for women committed to changing the societal beauty standards and proudly proclaiming your own value as a wise, experienced, confident woman.

  • We will meet for coffee and brainstorm exactly the concept for your shoot: what you want to wear, what setting you want, what impression you want to make, what vibe and message you want to express, what look you’d like with your hair and makeup. Hair and makeup optional.

  • On the day of your shoot, you will be treated to a pampering experience of getting your hair & makeup done by a professional (optional), we will get your outfits ready and styled (up to 3 outfit changes), and I’ll guide you every step of the way into all the poses that make you look amazing. I’m an expert poser ;)

  • During the time in the studio, you will immerse yourself into the experience of stepping into your own power, and finally allowing yourself to be seen and to shine as the ravishing woman that you are.

  • After the shoot I will show you the photos! Many women find this to be the most exciting part of the experience, even deeply moving: for the first time you see yourself in a new light.

  • You will choose one image that says everything you want to say about yourself in a photograph. This will be the one you get printed in a dazzling 8x10. My desire if for you to keep this photo displayed somewhere you see it every day, as your reminder of just who you are and how dazzling you can be when you remember your essence. Of course, you will have the option to buy more.


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The cost for this experience is $695.

Think about this: that’s the cost of about 6 nice dinners out for two. I love nice dinners as much as the next gal, but do you really remember all those dinner years later? Did these dinners add any long-term value to your self-worth and to the way you show up in the world?

Imagine yourself photographed in something you absolutely feel beautiful in. I know you have that one outfit you love and shows off your personality perfectly, but just haven't had the reason to wear it again. This is the reason!

The Empowerment Photo Shoot is an investment allowing that inner Bad-ass, Goddess, and Warrior-ess to come out and claim her rightful place in your life. You know she’s there, waiting to come out. This reasonable investment is your key to unlock her and unleash her on the world, for all to take heed and respect. Ready for that?

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