For the last decade I’ve specialized in photographing women, and more recently, have decided to focus on women whose unique beauty may not fit with the insanely youth-obsessed and standards of the media, modeling and fashion industries.

I think those standards are BS, because I know, from having photographed hundreds of women of all ages, shapes and sizes, that every woman has something beautiful about her--it’s just a matter of discovering what that is, and empowering her to claim it, and shine it to the world so that they have to notice us! The reason I love my job is that, every day, I get to see the transformative power in women’s lives when they finally see themselves for the dazzling, elegant, beautiful creatures that we are.

That’s what we’re going to do together when this Beauty Empowerment Revolution takes over the world. It’s about time!

To join the Revolution, fill out the application below.

This is a selective process, because I want to curate a group of 40 women who are motivated, idealistic ambassadors to forever stamp out the idea that beauty only comes through youth. We are here to show the world the fierceness of Woman, unashamed of her beauty at every age.

How DARE society tell us we aren’t beautiful--we are going to tell and show them otherwise.

That’s why I’m seeking women committed to this project. You don’t have to be confident about your beauty yet--but you have to be willing to be transformed towards confidence through our collaborative project together.

Ready for the adventure?

This is a special opportunity to show the world how beautiful women over the age of 40 really are. This is a time to celebrate who you are as a woman and all that you’ve done. If you’ve been thinking about having your portrait taken; this is the time! You can participate, or nominate a special women in your life you love

You are going to be part of a tribe, a fellow group of women who will be forever transformed and who--as your sisters--will never let you forget what you’ve learned about yourself in this experience. Don’t you want a community of women as dedicated as you are to boldly proclaiming your worth and power to the world?

Join below…

Please fill out the application below for a chance to be a Beauty REVOLUTION AMBASSADOR with Michelle Hayes Studio for 2019

Thank you!