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Dear Women Over 40:

I see you, but I know it may not feel like the rest of the world actually sees you. I know how it feels to suddenly feel frumpy amongst younger people that wear the new fashion effortlessly, to never see beauty companies that target our needs, and still want to kick ass in our careers for many years to come in stilettos or flats.

As a 46-year-old woman, I am fully aware of how restrictive our society’s standards of youthful beauty can be to women over the age of 40. We reach a certain age and we can no longer seen as beautiful, sexy and vibrant. We are a severely under represented age group in the media when it comes to anything but anti-aging creams, hair dye and retirement information.

It doesn’t make sense because we are just beginning to feel confident in our own skin, we know what we want, and we still look damn good!

That’s why I’ve created my Empowerment Photo Shoots

For the wise woman who knows her own beauty and wants to have it recognized and celebrated positively in our society.

In these sessions you will be SEEN, HEARD and DOCUMENTED in hopes to inspire a beauty revolution for women over the age of 40.

Empowerment Photo Shoot Michelle Hayes Studio

As a women’s empowerment photographer I specialize in bringing out what is beautiful in each women--and I’ve consistently found that older women bring a depth of life experience, wisdom, and even spiritual richness that can make you shine in ways the younger, less experienced women aren’t ready for yet.

I’m here to capture that spark within you. Because yes, it’s there inside you--but you probably haven’t yet gifted yourself the space and opportunity to let that shine.

Many women in our age group feel ashamed about our beauty--or what we perceive to be a lack in that regard due to our age. We all know beauty is more than what we look like on the outside--haven’t you met that older woman who radiates a joie-de-vivre and calm, grounded confidence that lights up a room, and makes everyone take notice?

When a woman finds her own beauty confidence, even if she’s never had it before, her unique beauty becomes intoxicating to everyone around her.

Empowerment Photoshoot Michelle Hayes Studio

I’m on a Mission…

To help you find that beauty confidence

This new sense of confidence and empowerment that arises from just an afternoon photoshoot, is truly surprising. I know that it’s not possible to magically have confidence in just one afternoon, but hopefully this special experience will spark something in you to continue that journey to your most confident authentic self, and most importantly an abiding self-love that everyone around you notices.

Because isn’t that the real beauty of getting older? We are hear to live our most authentic lives and inspire others to do the same.

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Michelle Hayes