Elevate your Business with a photo shoot experience

It’s not about the pretty, professional images. It’s the way the experience makes you feel as a business owner

Let me explain. You can wait and wait and wait until you finally feel like a kick-butt businesses owner that has everything together, the beautiful website, the original copy, a perfect IG feed and those high quality, professional photo of yourself that let’s the world know that you finally made it! I’ve arrived! I am the legit business owner that I’ve dreamed of.

Or, you can claim it right now. I am a totally kick-butt business owner!

I know some of you are saying “But I’ve only been in business 2 years! I can’t do that yet! Well, I’m not saying claim it like Oprah level, but you can start to FEEL like you are already a successful business owner and that will help you drive your biz into a new level of operating. Or if you’ve been in business a while it might be time to up-level your biz., Maybe it’s time for a change and get new energy behind your business with new images.

And how can you do this? Well, I’ve got something that I know you’ll love. A photo shoot experience with me!

Michelle Hayes Studio Branding Photos

Once you go through this experience you will have the feeling of an empowered business person and will also have the images to look back on and remind you that you are doing it. It’s the experience of showing up for a shoot, setting an intention of how you want to feel in your business and harnessing that power to elevate the way you see yourself in your business.

I know this journey of owning your own business can be hard, and bumpy and not as glamorous sometime, but how cool would it be to have an experience you can tap back into so it can empower you to keep going? I do this when I’m feeling not so great about my business. But then I look at all the work that I’ve done to help other women grow their businesses, I look at my beautiful website, and find a picture of me that embodies the empowered woman, photographer and business owner that I know I am and I instantly feel better. We all need these reminders to keep going!

And here are great examples of what I’m talking about. All of these women have experienced a photo shoot with me, some even multiple times, because they know it will elevate their business and not only that, make them feel good about themselves. Some have only been in business a few years but they knew stepping up and having a professional photo shoot would make them FEEL better about their journey as a biz owner.

So don’t wait until you have been established in your biz for many years. Do it now so you can use the power to propel you forward to a new level of doing business!

Michelle Hayes Studio Branding Photos
Michelle Hayes Studio Branding Photos
Michelle Hayes Studio Branding Photos

I’ll be hitting the road to offer shoots for women who want to elevate their business and want to experience a photo shoot with me. It’s a heck of a lot of fun and you’ll get some amazing shots to put on that website and feel good about your biz!

NYC - November 9th-12th 2018

(4 spots available)

Miami - January 1st-4th 2019

(6 spots available)

San Diego - February 4th - 8th

(6 spots available)

Choose a date/time for a consultation call so we can design your very own shoot

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