Let's go on an adventure my dear...

Where would you LOVE to be photographed?

Really think about this question. What would be your dream place to have your pictures taken for your business, your birthday, a big milestone in your life, or for the hell of it? 

Don't have one? I know, I know it sounds to decadent. I don't allow myself to dream that much either. I'll help you out with some fabulous suggestions...How about the city of lights, Pairs? How about one of the most exciting urban cities in the world, NYC? What about on the beautiful beaches of one of America's finest cities, San Diego?

Are you dreaming about it now? Good. Because you need a new portrait and I'm guessing you need an experience to remember. Everyone does ;)


Greetings from Paris

nagina always wanted to have a photo of herself in front of the Eiffel tower. She has been working really hard in her career, raising two young kids, and starting her own business on the side that has exploded. When her 40th birthday rolled around she planned the ultimate vacation with her hubby, her sister and a few close friends. We planned a photoshoot during her trip that included getting that shot in front of the eiffel tower, in her fabulous hotel, and around the streets of Paris to get some moer shots for her growing business, Masala body. It really was a dream shoot and celebration all rolled into one. 

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Michelle Hayes