What to wear for your Boudoir session

27 Aug 2012 | Categories: Boudoir | Posted by: Michelle

“What should I wear?”

Is the number one question I get when I start to talk to a women about doing her boudoir session. Everyone usually wants to know what other women have worn or if there is one particular style that looks good. But honestly, figuring out what to wear is going to be so personal. It makes a huge difference when a woman wears something that they are comfortable in and know it flatters their own body because then she isn’t fussing or worrying about how her body looks like. A boudoir session is really about feeling and looking amazing during the session and this can only come through if you are 100% comfortable in your own skin.

How do I get comfortable in my own skin?

Start with identifying something that you LOVE about your body and then play around with styles that enhance that feature. Then go out and find the best version of that style in an amazing color that will compliment you. Do you love your waist? Try a corset. Do you love your cleavage? Try a beautiful lace demi cup bra. When you feel comfortable in your own skin it will be undeniably beautiful. As a photographer I will always seek to bring out the best in you. I promise not to highlight anything you don’t want highlighted!

Also, it doesn’t have to be lingerie. Experiment with different looks that are inspired by lingerie like this beautiful lace body suit Penelope Cruz is wearing. I know she is gorgeous and she probably doesn’t have to stand in the mirror looking for one part of her body that she loves, but this suit compliments her womanly curves perfectly. Is it a swimsuit, a bodysuit, or an under garment? Who cares! It’s gorgeous and she is totally rocking it!

La Dolce Vita

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