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19 Sep 2012 | Categories: Beauty, Boudoir | Posted by: Michelle


I’m so excited to launch my brand new site dedicated to just woman’s portraiture!

This site is for the everyday woman to experience what it’s like to have an amazing portrait session and a beautiful portrait of herself. When was the last time you had a portrait of yourself done? I would love to document every women’s inner and out beauty through these sessions so she can look to her own portrait when she wants to see true beauty instead of looking to the covers of magazines. Let’s face it the models and the famous people do not represent the majority of the everyday women and it’s a pretty high standard to live up to. Also, why should they have all the fun? They’re already gorgeous. And why is it the same damn models and famous people?

So, here’s you chance to feel what it’s like to be a cover girl for the afternoon. I’m giving away a FREE photo shoot complete with hair and makeup for the full pampering experience ($250 value). Hands up who needs a day to yourself to recharge and feel beautiful and amazing? I think that would be everyone.

To enter to win this photo shoot all you have to do is leave a comment below on why you need this session the most, or you can enter a friend who might need this session more than you.

I’ll get the party started, even though it’s my gift to you all. Here’s why I need this session…

Believe it or not I do not like my picture being taken. Ironic, right? I really only have one pic that I like and I use it for everything. It’s time for an updated pic that I am proud to show off and put on my new website. I would also love a new glamorous picture of me just so I can prove to myself that I’m not the un-photogenic person I think I am, which is bull shit. I believe everyone can take a good picture with the right lighting, posing, camera because I see it first hand all the time!

Now it’s your turn. Why would you like to have this portrait session? Leave a comment below...


Winner will be announced November 1st!


* Prize includes one hour session with Michelle Hayes, hair+ make over, and one 8×10 print. Offer not redeemable for cash.


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