I didn’t realize the value of high-quality professional images for my business until I had my first photo session with Michelle. After I had that session and later saw the pictures, my business rapidly grew.  In those pictures, I saw myself in a whole new light, which gave me more confidence to grow my business quickly. The professional images lifted up the quality of my website with an entirely new professional and polished look, which attracts a higher quality of customers than before. Because I use professional images in my bio, whenever I am featured in a publication, conference or on television, I quickly establish my credibility because of my high-quality images. My online advertising costs have decreased because I have high-quality images that other people click on quickly, and the pictures pay for themselves. I consistently have photo sessions with Michelle now because her images have made such a huge impact on my business. I’ve worked with many photographers, and Michelle’s ability to capture the most attractive expressions and poses and her editing abilities are outstanding and the best I have ever seen.

--Nagina {Branding}


I feel like getting my photos taken is such a confidence boost. It’s empowering, and I feel like a million bucks afterwards. Michelle is really professional and has such talent, it’s such a pleasure to work with her.

--Alexis {Beauty}


Sorry I didn’t get a chance to send this before the wedding but I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful photos from my boudoir shoot. The whole shoot made me feel so beautiful and confident, which was great going into my wedding day when all eyes would be on me. I loved the hair and makeup and you helped me feel so comfortable posing and taking the pics. It was a newfound confidence for me, I truly felt sexy and beautiful after that. My new husband loves the album! I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends as they get married ”

--Danielle {Boudoir}


The images were incredible. I couldn’t believe it was me in some of them! You were really able to capture everything we were looking for. Also, I loved how calm and supportive you were during the session. You made everything incredibly easy. Plus, I love how professional you are – you really knew the best poses and angles as well as getting the best lighting and using the right props and backgrounds. I also loved that this was something I was not only doing for my husband but also for myself. It was truly a gift for both of us. Personally I love getting my hair and make up done so that was definitely a treat too. I would encourage every woman to do a boudoir session. It is so empowering to see how beautiful and sexy you can look.

--Stephanie {Boudoir}


I was hesitant at first about a few areas of doing a boudoir session. I had the expected concerns about my body and appearance, and I was also concerned a bit about cost, privacy, and getting along well with my photographer. A photographer needs to have an easy-going, professional personality to help a normal lady feel comfortable in front of the camera! Michelle is warm, funny, and creative. She approached the session itself with a great balance of direction, both listening to my ideas and giving me suggestions for poses so that there was never an awkward moment. I felt incredibly comfortable in her presence, and that makes all the difference in getting beautiful photos. I would recommend that anyone interested in doing a boudoir session make an appointment to meet Michelle and take a look at her work. The photos speak for themselves but Michelle’s warm, approachable personality was what assured me that we would work well together.

--Brittany {Boudoir}


The whole experience was a lot of fun – the fact that I had friends there took the edge off. The set-up was a two room suite. Michelle provided some wine and music and we had a lot of fun getting ready, doing hair and make-up in one room and she took us one at a time into a private room to take pictures. Michelle walked us through the posing and guided us through the whole process. I am not very photogenic, so I was a bit worried about how they would turn out but the end result was amazing! Michelle knew exactly how to pose me and the angles to use.
It was hard to believe that the pictures were really me! I purchased a book and some digital prints – I absolutely loved how everything turned out! You don’t even have to do this for someone else – I did it for myself. Now I have these great pictures to look back to when I am old and grey. I highly recommend Michelle. The price was very reasonable, Michelle was very professional and helpful throughout the whole process and the end result was beyond my expectations.

Boudoir + Glamour Photography NYC Michelle Hayes Studio

--Tisbe {Boudoir}


I was skeptical at first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be comfortable with the way the pictures would come out. I was proven wrong!
This was the perfect wedding gift. My husband loves the pictures. When I showed up at the hotel I was impressed at how chic the room was. There were two rooms, one room where all the girls gathered, drank wine and listen to music and the other room where Michelle took us privately to take the pictures. I’ve never done this before, so I had no idea how to pose. But Michelle took care of that, she knew which poses worked with my body and which poses looked great in certain areas of the room.
The pictures are amazing! So natural, not forced. I highly recommend Michelle. She was extremely helpful, very professional; the pictures arrived on time and the price was very reasonable. I’m so glad I did it, so is my husband!

--Beatriz {Boudoir}


An amazing experience! Michelle is an absolute professional… really working to take pictures you will love. She is remarkable at guiding you through the whole process so that you feel comfortable and relaxed enough to pose in ways you had always dreamed of
I was, needless to say, very pleased with the results. The pictures were unpretentious and a true representation of me. The fact that this turned out to be such an enjoyable experience on top of everything else, really made thole thing really worth my while.

--Temis {Boudoir}

Noemi Testimonial

I love how the pictures came out!! When I arrived for the session I was a little nervous because I do not photograph well, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Not only did Michelle know how to pose me and what angle to take the shots, she made me feel comfortable throughout the session.

When I saw the pictures, I could not believe that was me. I highly recommend Michelle. She was helpful, professional, the cost of the session was reasonable and as I stated before, I love how the pictures came out.

--Noemi {Boudoir}


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