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28 Jul 2013 | Categories: Boudoir | Posted by: Michelle

A few months ago I was asked to be in a article about Boudoir photography and how more and more women are doing it for themselves as opposed to women doing it for a gift for a loved one. They chose two of my past clients to be a part of this article and I couldn’t be more proud of them!
 Of course I am very protected of my clients privacy so they absolutely asked for their permission first before running their pictures.

One client of mine, Tisbe, said she did it to celebrate her 30′s. As a women this can be a very transitional time in our lives. We are no longer the hot young thing of our 20′s, even though we still are very young, and yet we are not considered the mature woman of her 40′s and 50′s who has finally grown into her skin and beauty. This can also typically be the time were most women get married and start to have kids so it’s no wonder we want to celebrate who we are before a lot of other changes start to happen.

Another client of mine, Danielle, said she wanted to do a boudoir session to capture her hot body. No doubt we women are the hardest on ourselves in terms of how we look externally so if we’ve worked hard on our bodies then we would like to show it off and preserve it. I believe there’s no better way than in a photograph because sometimes even after we’ve gone through a drastic transformation we tend to still see ourselves through our old eyes and therefore in our old body. A photo session is an excellent way to prove that yes you actually did go through a transformation process and here’s the proof in an actual picture to remind yourself over and over and especially on those days when you are extra hard on yourself.

I know that women will still want to do a boudoir session for someones else, boyfriend, husband, fiance, lover, etc which is totally fine by me, but I’m hoping that more and more women will do it just for themselves and don’t even need a reason. You can do this for whatever reason you want and you can also do it more than once. I give you permission. ;)


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