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22 Jun 2014 | Categories: Beauty | Posted by: Michelle

This is Caroline. She is a Fashion Executive here in NYC and she is smart, beautiful and fabulous.

She wanted to do a Glamour session to celebrate her 30th birthday and the woman she has become.

How about we celebrate this every-day beauty instead of all the models and celebrities we see online, in magazines and on billboards? Doesn’t she look just as fabulous on the cover of my magazine cover? Every woman should get a chance to celebrate her own beauty. Besides, why should all the models and celebrities have all the fun in front of the camera?

And a portrait session like this is a perfect way to know your own unique beauty so you can shine it back out in the world for others to be inspired by. Then the old standards of beauty can change to something different. 


MAKEUP & HAIR  by Ashlee of Muah Makeup


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