May 2013

NYC Boudoir Session – Michelle Hayes Studio

22 May 2013 | Categories: Boudoir | Posted by: Michelle

This NYC Boudoir session was so special because the client’s husband found me online! They both decided to have her do a boudoir session and they did all the planning together.

While she was on a business trip he contacted me for her session and when we all met I knew I wanted to give them both an experience to remember. I suspect they had a lot of fun researching images online and shopping for lingerie together :) . They both were invested in not only having beautiful images for her but also to experience this together as a couple. How cool is that?

This is just a snippet of what Stephanie had to say about the experience…

“I loved that this was something I was not only doing for my husband but also for myself. It was truly a gift for both of us. Personally I love getting my hair and make up done so that was definiteily a treat too. I would encourage every woman to do a boudoir session. It is so empowering to see how beautiful and sexy you can look” – Stephanie